ethical jewellery

Ethical responsibility

Nature allows us to live every day, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the fruits that the earth gives us are the most precious asset that humanity must preserve.
The protection of human beings and the environment in which we live is a commitment present in every company stage, from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Nature inspires our work, our designs, our thoughts, and it is right to enhance it with all the means we have at our disposal, not because we simply care about ecology, but for love of fellow human beings.
We want to start from here, from our ethical jewellery and what we can do.

Ethical Gold

We only use ETHICAL GOLD for 100% of our production and it comes from two sources:

REUSED gold from the obsolete jewellery of our customers with a view to creating a 0KM CIRCULAR ECONOMY on the territory (90% of total production). This gold is melted, tested and refined and then reused in our production. Take part in this revolution and bring your own gold!

FAIRMINED certified artisanal and small-scale mining organizations committed to responsible social and environmental practices (10% of total production, since our licensing in 2018). At all times we know from which mine our gold comes. This is achieved through careful international traceability and the social impact created in the respective locations from which it comes.

This dual strategy allows us to ensure a social and economic driving force of the highest level and a very low environmental impact along the entire supply chain. We do this so that the values of transparency and honesty, that distinguish the relationship with our customers, is also manifested in the procurement phase of the most used metal in our work.

Why buy ethical jewellery?

By choosing to buy our creations, you will help us to revolutionize our industry because you contribute to:
– Reducing the environmental impact of mining, ensuring maximum respect for Nature;
– Ensuring fair working conditions throughout the mining and production chain worldwide;
– Promoting social development in the communities from which gold comes (Learn more about it
Looking at a jewel and knowing what is behind it, knowing the name of the mine from which the gold comes, understanding the extraction methods used has become a fundamental prerequisite for us.

100% ethical diamonds

We are the first ethical jewellery store in Piedmont to ensure the TRUE ethics of Diamonds, thanks to a new Canadian certified supply chain procurement strategy that ensures respect for the Environment, Human Rights and offers strict traceability from the mine to the customer. A revolution that sees us at the forefront of ethics in Italy.

– The CANADAMARK certification® that accompanies our Diamonds allows you to discover the name of the mine and the exact point of extraction of the purchased stone, by entering the certificate number on the site These Diamonds are responsibly mined in the Northwest Territories in Canada with total respect for human beings and local communities, using the most advanced environmental techniques in the world, according to stringent Canadian legislation (Read more:

– We signed the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct to ensure clarity and become a reference place for the discovery of Canadian Diamonds
(find out more:

All this stems from the desire to offer our customers the most solid guarantees of respect for Human Rights and to ensure that our diamonds have not caused exploitation, slavery, child labour, environmental devastation, torture, violence, and the financing of conflicts by legitimate governments. To this day these problems continue to obscure the beauty of Diamonds in many nations around the world.

These guarantees represent a significant advance of the international agreement on “conflict free” diamonds, established in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and which the whole world has been obliged to respect for years, but which concerns only trade in rough diamonds that finance rebel conflicts against legitimate governments.

Beyond rare ethical jewellery with Pink Diamonds

The history of Argyle’s ethical Pink Diamonds has ancient roots in a remote area of wilderness in the heart of the Australian Outback; there, an ancient hidden treasure rested for almost 2 billion years.

The exciting discovery of diamonds changed the course of history, opening up a treasure chest of kaleidoscopic colours unlike anything the world had ever seen. For more than thirty years since its discovery, the Argyle diamond mine has brought to light diamonds with the most wonderful spectrum of colours, from pale red to bright pink, bluette, powerful violet and sumptuous red.

Although the Argyle diamond mine is the world’s only virtuous source of pink diamond, surprisingly less than one percent of the mine’s diamonds are pink. This makes Australia’s ethical pink diamond a gem that goes beyond rare.

Ethical and responsible sourcing of precious gems

We are committed to finding the highest quality precious stones, guaranteeing the complete integrity of the supply chain in compliance with human rights and environmental sustainability: from the mine to the customer. It is very important to know the origin and methods of extraction of the materials that animate our work. For this reason, we only source directly from nations that can offer this kind of guarantee. We give priority to the mines we know and that make use of local labour.

Ethical pearls

Giverso Gioielli Torino has also included the world of the cultured Pearl in the body of corporate ethics, subjecting the cultivation process to the 5 Principles of sustainability.

The biosphere is the heart of the matter

The habitat in which we live is composed of various substrates, all of which must be safeguarded; our sustainable commitment lies in selecting origins that conserve and, in some cases, restore biodiversity, the ecosystem structure and ecosystem services.

Sustainable use of natural resources

Resources are used with the utmost respect for nature. We consider it our responsibility to make sustainable use of renewable, natural resources, conserving non-renewable ones through efficient use and careful disposal planning.

Transparency in production and marketing

We are transparent throughout the production process: from the careful choice of crops to the declaration of origin and, finally, the sharing of our mission and the sale of our jewellery.

Social and culturally responsible developments and collaborations

Our commitment is to work in a socially responsible way with local communities, interacting respectfully with local conditions and cultures.

Commitment to local legislative management and compliance

Our principles and our attention to sustainability are also implemented in the choice of production process to guarantee the local environment and in compliance with local laws.

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