Custom-made jewellery

We make you the protagonists of your personalized jewellery. Together, we create unique pieces, able to amaze and differentiate you from the ordinary. We shape your ideas, enriching them with renewed inspiration, allowing you to become co-creators and to achieve your goal.

Experiential phases of tailor-made jewellery

1° Based on the customer’s personality, his taste and the need for spending, together we decide on the production techniques, the type of metal, gems, colours and quality;

2° Paper and pencil become protagonists: the hand puts into drawing what the mind wants to create, until you get to the perfect drawing;

3° On request, we offer a CAD model and a 3D print of the personalized jewel you want to make;

4° The jewellery is born.


Jewellery collections

Giverso is synonymous with uniqueness, craftsmanship, quality.
Every jewel we produce is the result of a creative study carried out by our team and has been handcrafted in our laboratory.
Our collections are mainly unique pieces, because our philosophy is continuous research.

Each of our jewels can be customized and adapted to all needs: with different colours or stones, smaller or larger, more precious or otherwise.
Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of personalized jewellery, and decide the price for yourself.

Jewellery renovation

And goldsmith repairs

Our creativity and our work tools allow us to offer you a complete consultancy for the renovation of antique jewellery or jewellery that you simply no longer like, reusing the precious stones in your possession, giving life to new creations.