About us

We are creative designers, artisans and relentless innovators. A laboratory of ideas and a family.
A family that, in 1920, decided to follow their passion. The destination was the pleasure of journey itself: customer satisfaction achieved through the search of excellence and the desire to amaze.
We are a small reality of excellence. We pay close attention to the needs of our customers and we are able to listen to the real needs of a changing world.
We are the first ethical jeweller in Turin and Piedmont.

Quality and innovation

The first ethical jeweller in Turin

The quality we offer our customers reflects the values that animate our actions every day.

When customers admire the beauty of our creations or the precious stones, we want them to be assured that all the materials used have been ethically sourced and responsibly extracted.

This is how we ensure that every customer is proud to buy and wear our jewellery, by becoming an ambassador of the change that the world needs.
The innovation we intend to bring to this world is the result of continuous research.

The passion for new lines, the accuracy in the choice of materials, the strong attention to respect for the environment and the human being distinguishes our ethical jewellery in Turin in the panorama of jewellery manufacturers.

Our customers

A new cooperation

Our customers are not only a working relationship, they are a concrete opportunity for continuous improvement. We want to establish lasting relationships with them, characterised by that continuous spark of cooperation, through which excellence is achieved.